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Work Experience

Science Educator, Molecular Pathology Post-Doctoral Fellow, Bronx Zoo, 2020 - 2022; Primate Keeper and Trainer, Bronx Zoo and Palm Beach Zoo, 2003-2014; Volunteer, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia, 2012; Animal Curator, Lutz Children's Museum, 2002-2003.


Ph.D. Fordham University

Biological Sciences, GPA 3.83

Bronx, NY


Hunter College, City University of New York

M. A., Animal Behavior and Conservation

New York, NY

Dec 2010

Texas Christian University

B.S., Environmental Science

Fort Worth, TX

May 2002

Awards and Honors

Freedman Fellowship


Calder Graduate Student Research Grants


Fordham Graduate Student Support Grant


Animal Welfare Institute Grant


Conference Participation

Session Organization

Northeast Natural History Conference

Session Organizer and Moderator: Northeastern Coyote: Genetics, Ecology, and Perceptions

April 2019

American Society of Mammalogists Meeting

Symposium Co-organizer and Moderator: Ecology, Evolution, and the Behavior of Urban Mammals

July 2019

Oral Presentations

American Society of Mammalogists Meeting

Molecular Diet Analysis of New York City Coyotes

Molecular Ecology of Coyotes in New York City

June 2018

June 2016

Northeast Natural History Conference

Population Genetics of Coyotes in New York City

April 2016

Hunter College N.E.U.R.O.N. Conference

Measuring Antiparasitic Behaviors in the Red-winged Blackbird

April 2011

Poster Presentation

International Urban Wildlife Conference

Molecular Ecology of Coyotes in New York City

June 2017

Invited Talks and Panels

Bedford Audubon Society: Urban/Suburban Coyotes

May 2018

Queens Zoo: Relatedness and Diet of NYC Coyotes

November 2018

Wave Hill Hoot and Howl Event: Ecology of NYC Coyotes

February 2017

Brooklyn Historical Society Panel: Wild New York

September 2016


Calder Summer Undergraduate Research (CSUR) Mentor

Guided an undergraduate researcher through a project in molecular ecology. Taught how to incorporate laboratory techniques and data analysis to answer specific questions

June-August 2015

Project TRUE (Teens Researching Urban Ecology Site Leader

Supervised five teams of Fordham undergraduates and their teenage mentees and assisten them with creating and implementing ecological research projects

June-August 2016-2017

Research Mentor

Taught three Fordham undergraduates and one Master's student laboratory techniques and data analysis



American Society of Mammalogists, Society for the Study of Evolution, American Museum of Natural History, Biology Graduate Student Association